Sunday, October 3, 2010


I ran a 5k today, it was called the Run for Booty.  It was at East Carolina University, The Pirates. I was nervous since I haven't ran a 5k since high school.  All turned out well, I stayed in the middle of the group.  Not to shabby for my first time back.

Grandma--I am watching the Redskins!! Donovan McNabb is doing great!! Are you glad he came to the team? Hopefully they can keep up the lead--unlike the steelers today.

Anyways, I am starting work at Duke University this week as well as teaching lessons for the city of Durham. I am still working a couple of days a week keeping up the pools at Amberly, more work there to come in the coming months.  I am thinking of adopting a dog soon, not sure though..

That is all for now! Adios.


Grandmom Mc said...

Katie, I love hearing about you. Good job on your race. About the Redskins, I do like McNabb, but the team still makes me nervous. You should see my finernails! On Sunday both of my teams won. I really like the Nationals, and they won their last game of the season in overtime. After their game was over, I watched the Redskins. It was a good Sunday.

Tell me about your job at Duke. You're amazing!


Kate said...

I got a job doing some lifeguarding and cpo (pool operation) stuff at the duke diet and fitness center. I'm pretty excited about it, it's gonna keep me busy for now. I also get to use the facilities whenever I like which is also a perk. The pool doesn't get much use other than some classes that they hold in the mornings so the job is going to be pretty simple, just keeping up with the pool and being there in case people come. I'm still working at Amberly a couple of days a week, I'll be in charge of this place this spring which is exciting and will give me good opportunities for my summers when I get a teaching job, which is great. I think I will get bored doing nothing in the summers plus it will be extra money.

Suzie said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for posting. It sounds as if you are doing great in NC. We do miss you in West Virginia. Love you - Mom and Mary

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